Diabetes Health Education Class UCI Family Health Center Santa Ana & Anaheim


Our Mission

The mission of the Diabetes Health Education Class (DHEC) is to provide support and instill confidence in Diabetes management for patients recently diagnosed as well as those living with diabetes. The classes help both Spanish and English speaking patients with easy to understand and accurate information about how to live with diabetes while ensuring an open and safe environment for patients to share and ask questions.

Our Diabetes Class offers:

  • Diabetes information class endorsed by the American Diabetes Association (ADA)
  • Group visits where patients have an opportunity to see a physician
  • Short interval stretching and flexibility exercises
  • Mind-body relaxation techniques
  • Group support to manage diabetes

DHEC Impact and Volunteers:

HSP impact in 2014 was able to educate, support, and positively impact 119 patients! The average attendance for the Spanish DM class that year was 18 patients and for the English DM class, which started in April, was 3 patients. DHEC currently has 7 volunteers.

Spanish Class-Second Wednesday of the month
English Class-Fourth Wednesday of the month

A Typical DHEC Class:

4pm ⇨ Volunteers help set up for class
4:30pm ⇨Start registering incoming patients
5pm ⇨Volunteer vital patients for group visit
5:15pm ⇨Mind-body breathing exercise
5:20pm ⇨Topic of the day; group discussion with doctor
5:45pm ⇨Stretching Exercise
5:50pm ⇨Topic of group discussion continues
6:20pm ⇨Raffle of the day/annoucements
6:30pm ⇨Class concludes

DHEC Research Component:

DHEC has been serving the Santa Ana community since 2012! Due to its incredible success, DHEC was able to create patient-centered focus group meetings for seven consecutive months. The goal of these focus group meetings was to identify diabetic patients’ motivations for attending a diabetes education class, describe ways in which patients’ life experiences can influence motivations for attendance, and discuss the way in which understanding patients’ life contexts can lead to the development of more relevant content and effective strategies for class recruitment and retention. An IRB was approved and the focus group abstract, “It feels good to know that someone cares”: Latino patients’ life experiences influence motivations for attending a diabetes health education class, is currently pending abstract acceptance via the American Public Health Association (APHA).

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