Healthy Cooking Class



Improving the health and wellbeing of families in Santa Ana and surrounding communities by educating families on proper meal preparation and nutrition. Using hands-on training, patients will learn the best ways to plan and create delicious and affordable meals, customized to help manage obesity and chronic diseases.

Healthy Cooking Class Offers

Over the course of 6 weeks, 15-25 patients will learn cooking and nutrition basics such as:

  • Culinary knife skills
  • Food safety and cross-contamination avoidance techniques
  • How to prepare healthy, low cost, delicious, meals that are also time efficient and culturally congruent
  • Managing their diabetes & other obesity related diseases through a balanced diet

In addition, patients will develop leadership skills through group work and hands on learning.

Healthy Cooking Volunteers

There are currently three volunteers involved in the project. Four additional spots will be available in the near future. Prior nutrition knowledge and basic culinary experience is preferred but not required.


Project is in its preliminary stages, there isn’t an IRB in place. Potential research questions about efficacy of class are being proposed.